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Follow these quick and easy tips to make your home less vulnerable to residential burglary:

Trim all shrubbery so that it is at least six inches below the bottom of your windows.

Trim tree limbs so that they are at least eight feet off the ground, leaving a clear field of vision.

Use outside lighting in an efficient and appropriate manner by investing in timers and motion sensors.

You may need window treatment (blinds, curtain) to prevent someone from looking inside your home at night.

All exterior doors should be equipped with deadbolt locks with a minimum one-inch throw.

Sliding glass doors should be equipped with secondary locks.

Always lock your doors,windows and set your security system when leaving your house.

Repair or replace all broken or inoperative windows, doors lights and locks.

If you have an automatic garage door, make sure it closes securely when you leave your home.

Make sure you have regular maintenance on your security system.

Record the serial numbers of your valuables or mark them with your driver’s license number so that they can be identified if stolen.

Photograph your valuables, especially your jewelry.

Get to know your neighbors; they are your best defense and can only report suspicious activity when they know who or what doesn’t belong in the area.

Consider joining your local Neighborhood Crime Watch Association.

Report all suspicious activity to the Police Department.

To get a Free security survey of your home, call Sweetridge at (518)734-6040.

If you are a victim of burglary call the Police Department immediately.

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